Easy Access Showers

The Safety Shower

Dimensions: 60"x 30" x 82" or 60" x 33" x 82"

For ease into the shower area, the Safety shower allows maximum safety for the bather. With an adjustable height shower wand, this shower bring comfort to those who are having trouble bathing. The Safety shower package includes a 24" and a 48" safety bar either in white ot stainless steel, a comfortable padded seat with swing down legs, a waterstopper entry, heavy duty curtain and rod for privacy and a long lasting caulkless brass drain with chrome screen.

The Freedom Shower

Dimensions: 60" x 33" x 77"

Made of white premium marine-grade gelcoat in a 8"x 8" tile pattern, the shower adds elegance to any bathroom. Allows comfortable seating, sure-grip floor and grab bars anywhere you need them. It is shower door friendly or simply place a curtain and rod for privacy.

The Remodeler Shower

Dimensions: 36" x 36" x 73 ½"

Strong, luxurious polyester gelcoat fiberglass shower with 4" RealTile look finish. Outstanding strength and can be customized witn accessory installations.

Accessories available: Safety bars, padded seat, shower valve, glide bar with hand held shower curtain and rod, curtain and rod, drain and flange and window trim kits for easy finish.